A Doggie Door To Slightly Lower My Stress


The doggie door was installed in the back security door on Saturday morning. I had to wait a little over a week since the special tempered glass panel had to be custom-ordered from out-of-state. Now that we have a doggie door you would think that all is wonderful at our house… but you would be wrong. I still have to use the old gates at the front of the driveway to keep the dogs in the yard. The fencing company called to reschedule the fence install to 10 July — two and a half weeks from now. While I have no issue stopping the truck to open the gates it does make the whole concept of a garage-door opener a little mute. Thankfully it is not winter now. With the gates closed I can let the dogs play in the backyard while I am working during the day without constantly letting them in and out of the door.