Are you kidding me?

As a follow-up to the smash-n-grab stereo theft saga just prior to Labor Day, let me first say that Allstate performed admirably in getting everything resolved. The window had been replaced about 14 hours after the crime and the next morning I visited Allstate’s drive-in claim center near my house armed with the original receipt for the stolen Pioneer stereo system. The claim agent transferred the numbers into his document without any deductions, added in the paint scratches and damage compensation figures and cut me a check on the spot. Took about 20 minutes total. I was then able to get to the stereo shop that morning and have everything replaced by lunchtime. So, great work Allstate! At least until I pay my next 6-month premium and then it will be back to “scum-sucking bastards.”
So I was up late last night/this morning watching TV and surfing the web, doing some research for my upcoming vacation. A cold front had come through the area so I had closed the windows and front door to cut off the cool breeze. About 1:40 I heard a car alarm, slightly muffled since the windows were shut. I jumped up and ran out the front door to see it was my alarm. I saw no person(s) or vehicles out there and hadn’t heard anything prior to the alarm sounding. I grabbed a flashlight and my mobile phone and headed out to see:

I guess I had ran outside fast enough, along with the alarm sounding, to scare off whomever had been screwing with my truck. Unfortunately the driver’s-side window was shattered. Nothing was stolen this time but still a pain in the ass.

An hour later, police report filed and having removed tools and other personal items from a now insecure vehicle, I tried to lay on the couch and fall back asleep. Did you know there is a version of the Today show that airs at 4 AM local time here in Denver? And would you believe it’s nearly as bad as the regular Today show and its late-morning variants? Dozed off a bit after that but didn’t really get any sound sleep until about 6:30.

The auto glass guy was just here to replace the window. I look forward to the increase of auto insurance rates.

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