Well that’s a bummer

Here in Denver we had a winter storm roll through early yesterday morning that didn’t dump a lot of snow but enough that I had to shovel. My heavy gloves were in my truck and yesterday I grabbed them out of the back seat. I did notice that a couple of books that normally are in the seatback pockets were on the floor but I had a passenger back there on Saturday so I didn’t think anything of it, nor was I suspicious when I noticed that all of my gloves were on the back seat and not in the front center console storage where I normally keep them. Wasn’t anything abnormal enough to get my attention.
Today I got in the truck to clean the snow and ice off so I wouldn’t have to deal with it tomorrow morning in -20 ° F weather. In the front seat I immediately noticed my XM Skydock was missing, although the antenna cable was still in place. I quickly noticed papers sticking out of the glove box and several items on the floor and I realized that I had been robbed. No windows were busted so I assume I forgot to lock the doors Sunday evening. I do this sometimes if I am unloading stuff from the truck. I’ve taken an inventory and so far I am missing:

Luckily, the thief didn’t notice the storage bins under the back seats where I keep all of my first aid and winter survival gear (first aid kit, ropes, leather gloves, Gerber multi-tool, collapsable shovel, and much more).

I called E-470 to report the transponder as stolen. They verified it had not been used this year and told me they would list it as stolen so if it is used it will be sent straight to the Colorado State Patrol along with the photo of the offender’s license plate.

So I learned a lesson and it didn’t cost much too much. I have to make a better effort to remember to lock the doors every time I get out of the truck, and I have to remember there are scumbags who roam my neighborhood at night looking for unlocked vehicle and house doors. I hope somebody catches the douchebag.

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