An update

The critical part of Lucy’s recovery, according to my vet (and a neurologist she consulted) was whether Lucy could support her weight on the injured leg. If she could do that, there was a chance that she wouldn’t have to lose the leg… if not, then amputation was likely.
I am happy to report that Lucy not only puts weight on the leg, she walks and runs on it. She still stumbles and hops occasionally, and she still has some paralysis in the foot, but at this point my vet will re-evaluate at the six-month point on what our next steps will be. My personal opinion, unless the vet gives me a DAMN good reason, is that Lucy will keep the leg. Unless you had seen her right after the accident, you would have no idea she couldn’t use the leg at all for over a week.

I took this video about two weeks ago, and since then Lucy has improved even more. She still can’t go a long distance, but we can make it over to our local park and back, plus a good long run/wrestle with other dogs we meet there. It’s probably about 2/3 mile round trip.

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